Music, for bibliophiles.

The Luigi Castiglioni Editore editorial project aims to open the libraries of collectors and aesthetes to a new cult object: the score.

Luigi Castiglioni Editore is an editorial project that revolutionizes the use of musical text and makes it a vehicle for the expression of autonomous creative values. It will remain independent from the performance act. The score, up until this point has only been a mere instrument of study and support for musical execution. Today however, it will fully enter into the empyrean of universal literature and it will burst inside you with all the power of a language that breaks down linguistic boundaries.

This is necessary in order to unite an international audience.

Music as a sensitive experience.

The soul of sound opens on a pentagram and assumes a physical body to live with sight, touch and smell. It is an operation that transforms the musical experience into synaesthesia capable of gratifying every sense.

This change of perspective can then transform musical scores into books of art.

In the construction of this work, it is particular attention to materials and typographical choices, the study of formats and graphics, and the choice to enrich the work with illustrations by renowned artists that actually create this metamorphosis.

For the first time in history, the musical text acquires dignity and autonomous value and becomes a cult object capable of igniting the desire of music lovers, bibliophiles and collectors.

An art for art.

In the vision of expert bookbinders, the crowning achievement of this process, which involves enhancing texts, is constituted by the art of binding.

This is a technique that the twentieth century interpreted with originality and expertise such as to create true works of art in the context of bibliophilia.

It is no coincidence that this encounter between music and publishing took place in the atelier of Luigi Castiglioni.

He is essentially a master bookbinder of international fame and a true connoisseur of contemporary classical music.