The publishing house, founded by Luigi Castiglioni, internationally recognized master bookbinder, provides total aesthetic experiences: synesthesia, which first began with music.

The notes – the source and echo of the performance – become physical on the painted backgrounds of handcrafted pages, in the colors of contemporary artists’ books.

Texts, scores and drawings are printed with traditional typographic techniques of the machinery conserved at the Tipoteca Italiana, a center for the protection, development and research of the art of typography, founded in the Treviso area, thanks to the broad vision and personal commitment of Silvio Antiga.

Luigi Castiglioni dedicates a new editorial project to the appreciation of contemporary classical music.

An original approach to the musical score – the heart and soul of the creative act.

He presents a series of titles that are collector’s works, conceived and created with the great masters of the 20th century.