Luigi Castiglioni

Luigi Castiglioni has captured the art of French traditional bookbinding in his creations.

The base technique which he uses is in fact the binding sewn on five strings, with an original decoration complete with chemise and étui.

A musicologist by training and initially a self-taught bookbinder, Luigi perfected his skills with renowned maestros before teaching abroad and then later in his own atelier in Rimini.

The genuineness of his vocation and the originality of his decorations combined with the versatility of his technique make him one of the most prolific creators of contemporary bookbinding.

He has regularly participated in the exhibition of original bookbindings Éphémère organized by Les Amis de la Reliure Originale (ARO) in Paris since 2018.
Luigi Castiglioni was born on the 28th of September 1968 in Rimini (Italy). He founded his studio Legatoria Anonima Amanvensis in 1999. He has dedicated himself exclusively to the creation of original bindings, in effect fine bindings since 2005.

In 2020 Luigi Castiglioni was awarded the title of Master of Arts and Crafts. Title created by the Cologni Foundation to identify and celebrate the most talented Italian artisans.

In 2021 Luigi Castiglioni was also included in the Homo Faber Guide, the signature project developed by the Michelangelo Foundation for Creativity and Craftsmanship


Luigi Castiglioni bound all of François-Louis Schmied’s books on several occasions.

His first plastic vocabulary, nourished by the Art Deco style, prompted him to technical innovations on the treatment of leather, the integration of solid materials, traditional titling, edge gilding, leather mosaic and lacquering.